Bruins Win a Thriller Thanks to Spooner Line

Claude Julien definitely deserves blame for some of his lineup decisions this year, but he deserves a ton of credit for keeping Spooner, Pastrnak, and Lucic together even after the David Krejci injury.

Tonight, that line continued their great play by getting a tying goal from Pastrnak on a shot by Spooner, and then Lucic scored on a beautiful 5 hold snapshot from the high slot.  The line was clearly the best of the 3rd period for the Bruins, and the team needed it after the awful 2nd period that started with a 1-0 lead and ended with a 3-2 defecit.  As Jack Edwards called after the Pastrnak goal, the kids are a “human adrenaline rush” on that line with Lucic.

The Bruins are now pulling away from both Ottawa and Florida.  It looks like Detroit will beat the Sens, giving the Bruins a 5 point lead with 1 more game played already.  Florida is now behind by 6 with 1 more game played than the Bruins, so they’re done.  Tonight killed them.

Tonight was exactly what the Bruins needed, just like the Spooner-Pastrnak-Lucic line is exactly what the Bruins needed to save their season.

And hey, it’s always nice to see Roberto Luongo skate off the ice of the TD Garden hanging his head.

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