With 9 Games Left, Dougie is Out Indefinitely

The Bruins may just be screwed, but you probably already knew that.  The Ottawa Senators are a point up on the Bruins with a game in hand after the B’s have lost their last 5, because God forbid that they follow up a winning streak with half decent play.

The 2015 Bruins season has been one of the most aggravating and frustrating ones that I can remember in any sport.  The 2010 season was tough, as the B’s were coming off a 1st place finish in the East in 09 by falling to 6th and looking inconsistent throughout the season, culminated in one of the worst playoff collapses of all time.

Coming off of a Presidents’ Trophy, the Bruins are probably going to miss the playoffs.  The team just isn’t that good, as they’re 10th in Corsifor% but just 16th (!!) in Fenwickfor%.

The team’s biggest problem is having no depth on the blue line, and that’s why the Hamilton injury hurts so much more.  Chara isn’t the player he was in 2011, although he’s obviously still a damn good no. 1 Dman.  Dougie is sufficient as a no. 2, but then Torey Krug, Dennis Seidenberg, Adam McQuaid, and Matt Bartkowski should not be the 3-6 defensemen of any contender in the NHL.  Krug could be a sheltered 4 or 5 on a contender, preferably 5 like he was last year pre-Seidenberg injury, and then Seidenberg, McQuaid, and Bart are all probably 6th or 7th defenseman.  This team has exactly ZERO 2nd pairing defenseman, and that will likely be the downfall of the team.

Peter Chiarelli should definitely be held accountable, if not by getting fired then by at least being on thin ice next year after whatever he does this summer.  The Seguin trade was good for 2014 and I was fine with it as an overall gamble, but he didn’t get as much as he could have for a soon to be superstar.  The Stars would have at least thrown in another draft pick or 2.

The Seidenberg extension was and is still terrible, as was not getting rid of Gregory Campbell and maybe McQuaid this summer, when he should’ve seen that they were declining and that a younger, cheaper player could’ve given at least 95% of what they did.

For many reasons, the Bruins are in trouble, and Dougie Hamilton’s indefinite injury is just a culmination of a downward trend in Boston.

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