Revis Signing with the Jets Actually Shows Pats’ Superiority over Them

So yeah, it sucks that Darrelle Revis went with the money.  Chose $39 million guaranteed and $48 million total over the first 3 years, with the final value of $70 million total that puts him just behind Patrick Peterson for most in the league.  (An interesting question to ask is why the Jets didn’t offer, or Revis didn’t ask for, just $.06 million more over the life of the contract, which would have put him just over Peterson’s $71.05 million deal.  What’s the point of going right up to the line of most paid guys in the league but then not crossing it?  If a big aspect of the deal is respect, then go all the way.)

This is a blow to the Patriots, of course, who lose out on the best or 2nd best cornerback in the league.  But the Patriots are still the Patriots, and the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS are still the pathetic, lowly Jets.  And their fans and media proved it in the way that they covered this story.

In Ian O’Connor’s column in response to the signing, his tagline was this:

Jets owner can’t take away title Pats won with Revis, but he did take away Revis.

Isn’t it interesting how the Jets are measuring this move to the Pats?  If you have any Jets fans who are your friends on Facebook or who you follow on Twitter or Instagram, first of all, I’m sorry.  Second, did you notice how their statuses are directed at sticking it to Pats fans?

Here’s the thing.  The Pats just won a title with one of their franchise’s best players of all time, and nothing is going to take that away.  Every Jets fan was praying that the Seahawks scored with 20 seconds to go because of how much it pains them that their biggest rival owns them.  The Jets are happy to get in one punch at the bully, and when you’re so thrilled about getting in that one punch, it’s a sign that you’re already so weak.

I wouldn’t be saying this if the Jets had a good team.  But they suck right now, and they’re going to suck in 2015, and they’re probably gonna suck for the 3 years that Revis has guaranteed money on his contract.  Their quarterback is Geno Smith or Marcus Mariota or some bad QB free agent who will lead them to another 6-10 season.  Possibly, the team could improve just enough in 2016 to be all right if a guy like Mariota takes a huge step forward, but somehow I doubt it.  Sticking it to the Patriots only works if the end results make the Jets finish above the Patriots.  And that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

And that’s why any Pats fan who was pissed that Revis specifically went to the Jets is being stupid.  I would MUCH rather have Revis join the Jets than a team that actually might face the Pats in the playoffs.  It may not be fun having him cover Gronk or LaFell or Edelman (or maybe Percy Harvin, but I doubt it) for 2 games a year, but that’s way better than having him and Vontae Davis line up against the Pats receiving corp in January.  The Colts were the number 1 team that scared me as a Revis destination, because their secondary sucks outside of Davis and they had tons of cap space.  Even the Bills would scare me as a threat to the Pats, so long as Matt Cassel shows some level of promise as their QB and can stay afloat with a great defense and LeSean McCoy.  It’s much better to have Revis waste away on a terrible team than perform for a good one.

Belichick will figure it out.  He’s probably already turned Malcolm Butler into the next Revis without us knowing it.  But the Jets are inferior to the Pats, and you know they are because it was such a big deal that they took a great player away from Foxboro, even though most informed Patriots fans knew there was a good chance he was gonna leave.  What a pathetic franchise and fanbase.  That’s why they’re not New England.  I’m gonna enjoy whatever gameplan Belichick draws up next year to avoid Revis Island and throw at whatever Tharold Simon-esque guy that the Jets have across from Revis.


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