Patriots Barely Re-Sign Devin McCourtey to 5 year, $47.5M deal

Devin McCourty will be in a Patriots uniform for the 2015 season, even though he called Bill Belichick to say good bye and thanks for the memories.  At that point, the Pats decided to up the ante and at least come close to the offer that McCourty was about to accept with another team, and the Rutgers product knew what the right decision was: to stay in Foxboro.

Now, no matter what happens with Darrelle Revis, the Pats will have a secondary that we can still feel comfortable about.  With Patrick Chung playing better this past year then he did in his first stint with the team, Brandon Browner being a better CB than the team has had in awhile other than Revis and Aqib Talib, McCourtey coming back, and Malcolm Butler on his way to being the best defensive back of all time, the Pats can roll with the punches.

McCourty’s contract is much higher than the Pats have ever paid for a safety.  Even when the team had Rodney Harrison, they only paid him pennies because the Chargers had just released the guy who went on to have 2 of the best years a safety has ever had for the Pats.  DMac will get $47.5 million, $28.5 million of it guaranteed, and roughly $9.5 million per year is no small sum for a safety in today’s market.  Cornerbacks usually get the money, safeties don’t.  This puts McCourty right up there with Earl Thomas’ $10 million per year value.

This story is so cool all the way around.  McCourty was about to leave, but when Belichick matched the offer, he knew that he was going to stay.  And Bill Belichick, one of the coldest businessman to run a sports franchise, was convinced by a phone call to say, “You know what? Screw it.  This guy is so valuable to us.”  Both sides knew they couldn’t leave each other, so they didn’t.

We also have yet another reason that the Super Bowl win in the desert was huge for the team, regardless of the incredibly obvious positive result of winning the freaking Super Bowl.  Do you really think that DMac’s heartstrings would be pulled as much if the Pats hadn’t won?  He thanked Belichick for his 5 years, and his 5 years would not have been as positive without that win.  It also may be another reason that Revis hopefully decides to pass up more money with other teams and come back to the only organization that has rewarded his talent with a Super Bowl win.

Welcome back, Devin McCourty.  Look forward to seeing more unbelievable plays like this one where he read Joe Flacco’s eyes like a book.

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