Bruins Have Let too Many Rental Options Pass By

Throughout the season, there were 2 guys who I had been saying I wanted the Bruins to trade for, both from the Carolina Hurricanes: Andrej Sekera and Jiri Tlusty.  And within the past few days, the Kings have traded for Sekera and the Jets have traded for Tlusty.  These ones sting for the Bruins, and the trades are a sign that Peter Chiarelli may have already misplayed the trade deadline.

Andrej Sekera makes $2.75 million, has a 53.0% corsi despite starting more often in the defensive zone than offensive, and is a great 2nd pairing defenseman.  Doesn’t that sound like the exact type of player that the Bruins needed?  What’s more is that he was Zdeno Chara’s defensive partner in the Olympics, and they played well together.  He’s a lefty, so the Bruins would have trouble pairing him with Chara, but they have already shown they can play together in crunch time just to get the best guys out there.  The Kings traded a prospect and a 1st rounder for him, and that is no doubt a high price.  But I would’ve done it for Sekera, partly because I don’t think this should be a rental.  If they B’s had traded for him they should’ve done what they could to resign him, assuming his showing in Boston was good.  He could have been an awesome fit for the Bruins.

I’m much less upset about the trade of Jiri Tlusty for a few reasons; the Bruins don’t need a forward as much as a defenseman because of the play of Pastrnak, there are more options at forward than defense on the market, and doesn’t fit the team as well as Sekera would.  But Tlusty’s corsi% is above 54%, and he can easily tally a little more than half a point a game on a team that actually has offensive ability, unlike Carolina.

And now Antoine Vermette and Curtis Glencross are also gone, both players that the Bruins could have used.  The prices for both guys makes it so that I don’t really blame Chiarelli for letting them pass, but the fact remains that the Bruins need help, undeniably.  Chiarelli needs to put a big trade together tomorrow, because the Bruins can’t afford to be the only ones on the sidelines.

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