Bruins Fall to Habs Yet Again, Get Swept in Season Series

What the fuck.  This game went like so many others that we’ve seen in the Canadiens-Bruins games of the past few years, with the 2 teams playing relatively equally, only the Bruins can’t finish if their lives depended on it.  In fact, this game was far more even than other games we’ve seen, like Game 7 last year when the Bruins won 30-18 in shots but lost in the category that matters 3-1.  Last night, the Bruins led in shots 35-34 and 70-58 in corsi, but they were trailing in shots after 2 periods.  But they just couldn’t beat Carey Price no matter what happened, which is becoming all too familiar.  What else is becoming familiar, you ask?  How about Dale Weise and Max Pacioretty getting 2 points each?  Yeah, that sounds familiar, too.

The unfortunate fact about all of this is that the Canadiens just know how to play the Bruins so well at this point.  The Bruins have a defensive style that is best exemplified by their defensive corp being pretty bad in the 3-6 spots, but the team is still in the lower half of goals against in the league.  That style just seems to play right into the Canadiens’ hands.  That’s the hard truth, which isn’t easy to admit, but we can’t deny it any longer.

As fun as it would be for the Bruins to beat the Habs in the playoffs, we just can’t root for that matchup.  The Bruins’ biggest rival is also their kryptonite, which is a horrible state to be in, but that’s where they are.  As Bill Belichick would say, It Is What It Is.

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