Best Bets for Championship Weekend

Here are my two best bets for the game, courtesy of Bovada.

Two team tease, 7 point adjustment, -130: Patriots as a pick, Packers +14.5.
The reasoning behind this one is that I feel really strong about the Pats winning, so a pick is easy, and I don’t think that the Packers realistically will get blown out.  They’ll keep it close, but it was worth taking the worse odds at a 7 point tease instead of doing a 6 point tease, because 13.5 would be risky, as I could easily see the Hawks winning by 14.

Most passing yards today: Aaron Rodgers +300 and Tom Brady +200.
I bet the same amount on each of these, meaning that if Brady wins, I get my money back.  If Rodgers wins, I win slightly.  I love this bet because I don’t see Andrew Luck picking apart the Pats defense, and the only way that he could win this bet is through garbage time passing yards.  And Russell Wilson won’t win it because the Seahawks are just gonna run the ball against the Packers anyway.

Bonus bet: Rob Gronkowski over 80.5 yards, -135.
Vegas clearly wants me to take this line, but I really don’t care.  Gronk is gonna go off today, as the Pats are gonna use the run game to open up spots for Gronk down the field, as I said in my game predictions earlier.  After 2 long plays of about 20-25 yards, he’s already more than halfway to his goal for the game.  Bet on Gronk all day every day.

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