Brad Marchand Reverts Back to Old Ways; Suspended for 2 Games

What an idiot.  Brad Marchand slew footed Derick Brassard last night, although the refs missed the penalty call.  Given Marchand’s history and the fact that it actually was a pretty dangerous play, the NHL gave him a very fair 2 game suspension today.

On Marek vs. Wyshynski today, they discussed the possibility that Marchand went back to his old habits because the Bruins are getting a little bit of their swagger back, and maybe Marchand felt that he could go back to being the pest that he once was, always playing on the edge and occasionally going over.  Maybe that’s what happened, but anyone who thinks that’s defensible for Marchand is stupid.  There’s a difference between “living on the edge” and being dumb and reckless.  You could make the case that Marchand popping Daniel Sedin at the end of Game 6 in order to get in Sedin’s head might be fair, because there actually could be a point to that, although I still don’t think it was worth the risk of an instigator penalty, which would have gotten him suspended for Game 7 because it was in the final 5 minutes of a game.  But slew footing?  There’s no reason for it whatsoever, and if you can’t play on the edge without going over it in order to slew foot, you shouldn’t be in the NHL.

How will this affect the Bruins lines?  I wouldn’t mind seeing Daniel Paille moved up to the 2nd line, or maybe move him and Kelly up 1 line each so that Kelly and Bergeron form a really good defensive line.  But this probably means 2 more games for Jordan Caron, so…

jonah hill fuck me right

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