Ndamukong Suh Suspended for a Playoff Game

And, with this cushy, easy story to write about, I’m easing us back into the writing game after a hiatus.  Sorry for the delay, but we’re back for the long haul now. Let’s just jump right in…

Anyone who says that Ndamukong shouldn’t have been suspended because a playoff game is too important is being a fool.  Suh is the dirtiest player in the league, per a poll of his peers.  And that poll in early November 2012 was a few weeks before “accidentally” kicking Matt Schaub in the nuts, two hefty fines for dirty plays in 2013, and now this.  The guy is an asshole, and, just like with his teammate Dominic Raiola, the NFL has to realize that the history of his actions outweigh the importance of the game.

Also, conspiracy theories like “Roger Goodell is doing his boy Jerry Jones a favor” or “The NFL loves their quarterbacks too much, this only happened because it was Aaron Rodgers,” are just stupid.  Yes, the NFL is too loyal to its most important owners, and yes, its even more too loyal to QBs, but this suspension was about Suh, as it should have been.

He can come back in the NFC Divisional game to (hopefully) wreak havoc on Russell Wilson, but he’ll rightfully be sitting at home watching his team play against the Cowboys without him.  Suh would’ve made a huge difference against that beastly offensive line in the Big D, but that’s why a player shouldn’t put his selfishness and overall patheticness over the team.

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