Bruins Lose Fraser to Oilers Because… WHY???

What the hell is going on out there? Seriously, what was Peter Chiarelli thinking with this one?  The B’s called up Jordan Caron, and decided to make room for him by placing Matt Fraser on waivers, evidently before Bergeron and Lucic were deemed out tonight, as they would have needed him anyway.  The Oilers then picked up Fraser because they’re the Oilers and they need warm bodies who know how to play hockey.

But who in the world would pick Jordan Caron over Matt Fraser, even for one game?  Seriously, didn’t we all see the playoff last year, when Matt Fraser, Justin Florek, and Jordan Caron all tried to play on the 3rd line with Soderberg and Eriksson, and only Fraser held his own?

So this is ridiculous.  The Bruins have lost Fraser for nothing, and to rub salt in the would, tonight is a night they really could’ve needed him.  He plays best on the left side, and with Lucic’s absense, they’re playing Matt Lindblad at 3LW.  He kinda sorta coulda helped there, as he could’ve helped there for the rest of the season.  What a joke.

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