Farewell, Jon Lester

Not too much to say here.  The Red Sox didn’t offer enough money.  Not in April, not in December.  Either tried to take advantage of his statements about a hometown discount or simply didn’t think he was worth decreasing the gap between the Sox and Cubs’ final numbers.  Either way, I’m not pleased.

Payroll flexibility doesn’t start Game 1 of the World Series.  Jon Lester is the kind of guy that a team that prints money should have no problem with paying a premium for, even if that’s “overpaying.”

But for now, let’s just say good bye forever to a guy who grew up with the Red Sox, beat freakin cancer, came back to win the deciding game in the World Series, threw a no hitter, developed into an ace, and then was probably the 2nd most important player on the Sox during last year’s World Series run.

Thanks for everything, Jon Lester.  Sad to see you go.

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