Bruins Are Finally Back… WITH CHARA??!

After 4 days off, the boys are back, and tonight, they’re led by their captain once again.

Since Pastrnak has been called down, the question remains what to do with the lines tonight. I’m writing this during warmups, for the record.  Here is what Dailyfaceoff has listed for the Bruins.

bruins lines 12 11 14

…but now we know that Krejci isn’t on the ice for warmups, so that means that Craig Cunningham will likely get a shot.  Probably Kelly centering Lucic and Eriksson… if those are actually the lines, which I doubt.  I’d have Kelly, Lucic, and Griffith together again with the 3rd line of Soderberg, Eriksson, and Fraser back on the left side where he’s better.  Cunningham with Paille and Campbell.  Yeah, that works.

I’m less concerned about the defensive pairings, because they’re probably gonna change a ton even during the actual games for the next few contests.  Chara is just coming back, so they’ve gotta work him in easily.  I’d probably go with Chara-Hamilton, with Hamilton being leaned on a little more heavily than he usually is in that duo.  Then it’ll probably be Seidenberg-Miller and Krug-Trotman.  Fine, whatever.

Really, tonight is about 2 things.  1) Getting 2 points.  2) Seeing how Chara does against really, really good competition.  It’s not about settling old scores, because you can’t change the past anyway.  And tonight’s lines don’t matter that much, because they won’t be the same lines come April, especially with Krejci out (still).  Actually, tonight is about a 3rd thing, though.  Let’s not get any more injuries tonight, ok? Cool.

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