David Pastrnak Called Up

Well, if there was ever a time to call up a rookie like Pastrnak for no more than 9 games, probably, then now is the time.  With David Krejci, Brad Marchand, and Chris Kelly injured, and with Simon Gagne being Simon Gagne, it’s time for the B’s to give their 2014 1st round pick a shot.

Here’s my biggest concern.  David Pastrnak, who is 18 years old, is 5’10” and 165-170 pounds.  That might be a problem.  Even Ryan Spooner has a good 5-15 pounds on him. (I’m using ranges because I refuse to believe that official listings for athletes are “official.”)  Pastrnak is very gifted offensively, which is the appeal for having him on the team in his rookie year, similar to Tyler Seguin 4 years ago.

But there are differences between the two.  Seguin was the 2nd pick, while Pastrnak was the 25th.  And maybe more importantly, Seguin had a more polished game for the North American style of hockey, while Pastrnak started playing in North America with the Providence Bruins last month.

But this still might be a good move, provided that Pastrnak’s time with the Bruins does get his feet wet enough to constitute a real learning experience.  He can get some ice time on a scoring line at right wing, and that’ll be that.

The Bruins cannot, however, have Pastrnak play 10 games unless he’s absolutely transcendent.  Once a rookie plays 10 games, then that burns a year off of his 3 year Entry Level Contract.  Given how cap strapped the B’s will be for a few years (although this year will probably be the worst), the B’s need to use the full 3 years of Pastrnak’s ELC.

So that’s the first main issue, but I think Peter Chiarelli knows that.  As far as where Pastrnak will play… well, I don’t even think Claude Julien knows that.  Depends on who’s healthy, depends on which lines are available.  I’m not gonna pretend to have any idea.

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