Bruins Play Habs Tonight; Everybody Injured

Here are the Bruins lines tonight.  I’m going to add a little something after each line.

Smith on the left? Hasn’t happened since Marchand’s huge slump over a year ago.  Ok…

Love this line.  Soderberg and Eriksson usually play really well when it’s Matt Fraser or Chris Kelly on the line, so let’s see how dominant they can be with Lucic there.  I’d like to see Claude experiment with this line in the future.

This is the 3rd line?  Gregory Campbell and Simon Gagne shouldn’t be on the 4th line of an NHL contender, let alone the 3rd.  What does this say about the 4th?

Ok now this is weird.  I know that Claude’s options were slim, but doesn’t it seem really weird that Fraser is on the right and Reilly on the left? They both do better on the other side.  I know that you can’t move Reilly off of a line with Bergeron, but there’s a clear correlation between how Fraser does and what side of the ice he’s on.  I would have probably swapped Griffith and Fraser, and then had Reilly and Fraser switch sides.  I like the idea of having 3 Providence teammates play together, which is why Simon Gagne shouldn’t be 4RW.  But I’d rather have Griffith bite the bullet and play on the 4th than have Fraser and Smith both play on sides that don’t help them.  But it’s hard to blame Claude for this one. Remember the 24/7 episode last year when Mike Babcock said that he was thinking of allowing his 14 year old daughter to play because there were so many injuries?  Yeah, that’s what Claude is dealing with, so it’s hard to blame him.

What this game really might come down to is whether or not Tuukka plays like Tuukka or “Versus Montreal Tuukka.”  Niklas Svedberg played last night so that the Vezina winner could play like the Vezina winner against Montreal, so let’s hope that he actually does.  

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