Patriots Kill Colts, Keep Rolling

Best team in the league.

No other mindset that Patriots can have about this team.  Even on a night when Tom Brady had a horrible first half, throwing 10-19 for 84 yards, 0 TDs, and 2 picks, they win by 22.  Jonas Gray is the one who Rob Gronkowski thinks should get laid tonight, although the O line did about as well as they did when Gronk gave them that praise originally.  But Gray’s performance is a great story in and of itself.  Tore his ACL senior year, undrafted, cut first year, practice squad the 2nd, Patriots’ practice squad until a month ago.  His line: 38 for 199, 4 (!) TDs.  Great for him.

When you consider that, of the Colts’ 20 points, 3 came on a 53 yard field goal and 7 came after Brady’s terrible pick at the end of the half to give the Colts a 30 yard field against a tired Pats D, we have to give a lot of props to the defense as well.  Darrelle Revis was the best cornerback in the league that we were hoping for back in March, and Donta Hightower and Jamie Collins deserved all the praise they got from Cris Collinsworth.

More analysis of the Patriots, both in Week 11 and overall, will be coming for this week, but for now all the analysis that we care about is that the Patriots are the best team in the NFL.  Once again, it’s true.  Just need to get #4.

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