Now David Warsofsky Is Injured

This has gotta be some kind of joke at this point.  Zdeno Chara, Torey Krug, Kevan Miller, and now David Warsofsky are on the injury report, and Claude Julien believes that it’s more than just a day to day injury.  Warsofsky had been holding his own defensively, as have Joe Morrow and Zach Trotman, so we can’t write this off as just a loss of the team’s 8th or 9th defenseman.

That leaves Matt Bartkowski to take his place, despite his confidence being shaken, according to Julien himself.  If Bartkowski doesn’t succeed in what might be his final chance for the Bruins, he has to move onto a different team, no question.  In fact, he might have to move on either way, to see if the Bruins can get something for him, or at least to make sure they can trade him for nothing so his salary doesn’t stay with the Bruins.

Looks like it’s gonna be Seidenberg-Hamilton, Morrow-McQuaid, Bartkowski-Trotman.  That’s not gonna be too fun this coming Thursday in Montreal in the final game of back to backs.  Get well soon, Chara.

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