Patriots Destroy the Broncos, Brady Outplays Manning

You want to know what the best part about being a Patriots fan, other than the be-all-and-end-all 3 Super Bowl wins that we got to witness?  It’s the fact that they rarely let us down with these super hyped games.  Way, way more often than other teams, and more often than Peyton Manning teams, the Pats prove our excitement to be worth it on Sunday.    That’s the 2nd biggest reason why these last 14 years have been a blessing.

Tom Brady was awesome, and he did way better than the his basic stats will suggest: 33/53, 333 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT, 97.2 rating.  Those are great stats, by the way, but he was even better.  Completed amazing passes on 2nd and long and 3rd and long.  And his interception was Danny Amendola’s fault.  There is a timely aspect of quarterbacking that stats won’t always get, and Brady had it today.

The rest of the league, yet again, is on notice about the Pats.  February 2015.  4.

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