Red Sox Resign Koji Uehara for 2 Years, $18 million

What a steal.  I don’t care that the average free agent gets about $6-6.5 million per WAR nowadays, and that Koji had 1.4 last year.  And I don’t care that closers are largely overrated because of a leaguewide managerial fetish for saves.  Koji is a beast, and spending $9 million per year on a dude who we’ve already seen can be one of the most important members of a World Series run is good by any MLB standard nowadays.

A year ago, Joe Nathan got 2 years and $20 million, and he was coming off a year that was comparable, but not as good, as Koji’s 2013.  But I think even the Tigers, and even without the benefit of hindsight, would rather have Koji after 2014 than Nathan after 2013.  And the Sox paid $2 million less.

The second year concerns me a little bit, but it’s not like the Sox were gonna get away with just 1 year for $9 million.  The 2nd year is the price of getting the first, and that’s fine, because $9 million isn’t that much, and neither is 2 years.

Shrewd move by Cherrington.  Didn’t spend too much on Koji, leaving him more room for Jon Lester’s next deal.

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