Why Do Fans Keep Falling for this Crap?

Sorry for the hiatus recently.  Life has gotten in the way, but we’re back with a vengeance.

By now, you’ve probably heard that there was a locker room rift with the Seattle Seahawks surrounding Russell Wilson.

But actually, there wasn’t.  The earlier rumors that Percy Harvin was traded because he was a big part in a pro/anti Russell Wilson divide in the locker room were found to be unsubstantiated, which should shock no one with an IQ above 50.  Today, Chris Mortensen reported that Marshawn Lynch will likely not be back with the team next year, as they are growing tired of his antics.  However, he also showed that not only were the rumors false, but Wilson tried to push management to keep Harvin on the roster.  That shows you a lot.

What I don’t get is, why are people stupid enough to buy into this stuff?  I get being a huge sports fan, of course, and I get wanting to know what’s going on behind the scenes.  That’s why shows like NHL 24/7 are so awesome.  But aren’t stories like the original one about the Seahawks divide so blatantly an example of the media trying to create storylines that may or may not be there?

Remember when the Patriots and Tom Brady had tension, according to a different Chris Mortensen report?  Doesn’t that feel stupid now, and, looking back, can’t we tell that part of that was just the media wanting to stir the pot?

I guess I just don’t understand how everyone in the country can claim about how much the media sucks (The Daily Show, for example, is beloved by everyone and their mother), everyone in Boston knows that our sports media has an, uh… rough history, and yet everyone buys into a lot of crap that journalists spin.  I’d rather get caught up in what Seattle’s chances are to reclaim the division from the Cardinals instead of whether or not other players in the Seahawks locker room would like to have some of Russell Wilson’s endorsements.  (Hint: They all would.)


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