Bruins Sign Simon Gagne

First of all, I’m not too sure why this took so long. Maybe the Bruins wanted to give Bobby Robins a shot, or maybe they actually believe that Jordan Caron is good at hockey. Either way, there was no reason for Simon Gagne not to be singed to the Bruins roster, and now he is.
All that matters from a salary cap standpoint is that Gagne is signed for less than the $925,000 mark at which the Bruins would have to pay in order to bury him. (Check out Capgeek’s explanation of buried contracts.) So even if this doesn’t work out, the Bruins could just send him to Providence, waive him, or do whatever they want without him costing them anything on the salary cap. And he makes exactly as much as Caron, so there is no cap damage here.
Maybe the most important thing is that Gagne can play right wing, despite usually playing left wing with his left hand shot throughout most of his career. I really like the line that he’ll play on, with Daniel Paille and Ryan Spooner. With Gagne’s speed, however diminished at 34, and Spooner’s scoring ability and Paille’s relative scoring ability for a 4th line, that’ll be an interesting combination until Gregory Campbell comes back.
It’s very important to note, however, that it’s extremely unlikely that Gagne is one of the top 12 forwards come April. For one, he might be as injury prone as Danny Amendola. Since the 2008 season and through the lockout season, here are the number of games he’s played: 25, 79, 58, 63, 34, 38 (out of 48). Also, the Bruins definitely have to trade for some forward, as well as a defenseman, of course. And we’re not even taking into account that Gregory Campbell should be back, or that David Pastrnak could get called up simply because the Bruins suck at scoring right now.
Gagne is a placeholder. But for that role, he’s fine. Definitely worth the same amount of money as Jordan Caron, and even more deserving of Caron’s roster spot.

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