Suck It, Haters



Forty-three to fucking seventeen.

The Patriots destroyed what was the best team in football last night, and it was orgasmic.  Nobody played badly from what I can remember, although, to be fair, the Pats didn’t play as well as everyone will remember.  Brady still missed about 4 easy throws to Gronk, and the defense gave up a few long plays after looking like they had either forced a bad throw or blown up a run play in the backfield.

But fuck it, it was still a damn good game.  Tom Brady was Tom Brady again, and it was so fun to watch him have so much fun.

Here’s a tidbit that I was too afraid to post last week.  In the amazing Football Outsiders’ Week 4 DVOA rankings, things were looking horrible for the Pats as they were about to face Cincinnati.  Cincy was ranked #1 overall, and had had the 8th hardest schedule so far.  The Pats were ranked 23rd, and had the 30th hardest schedule.  Cincy’s estimated wins was 3.0 out of 3 games (the 4.0 stat is surely a misprint), while the Pats’ was 1.5.  I can’t even remember a time where the numbers would even suggest that the Pats deserved 1.5 wins in the first quarter of a season.  Even in 2004, when they started off 2-2 and Week 1 was a 31-0 embarrassment by the Bills, they probably would have wound up higher than 1.5/4.  And the Bengals were coming off a bye.  This was supposed to be a shitshow.

And it was, but the other way around.  Gronk and Tim Wright look like they could provide the fearsome tight end combo that the Pats have been missing ever since Aaron Hernandez, well, ya know.  Darrelle Revis was Darrelle Revis, and his hamstring seems just fine.

How lucky are we to root for the Pats?

But let’s not savor this too much.  We’re onto Buffalo.

But before Buffalo, Tom Brady has some words for the haters:


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