Don’t Get Scared about the Chris Mortensen Article

Odds are that you’ve already read this Chris Mortensen article that was put on ESPN just before 1:30 today, because it’s the kind of thing that could scare any Pats fan.  I, for one, am not putting much thought into it.

Unless it’s about Brett Favre, I’m not gonna put all my trust in Chris Mortensen when he’s citing pretty unclear sources.  In fact, let’s break down where these sources seem to be coming from, because that might convince everyone that this just does not matter.

“Tension exists between Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ coaching staff, and multiple sources told ESPN that they believe it could influence whether the quarterback finishes his career with the team that he has led to three Super Bowl titles.”

Sounds promising.

“Two sources told ESPN that former rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted as Brady’s successor…”

No fucking shit he was.  If you were under the impression that Garoppolo was drafted just to hold a clipboard, then you should thank ESPN for clearing that up for you.  Also, you should turn 6 years old.

“One team source told ESPN that a conservative approach is necessary and said everyone needs to be patient to allow the team and staff to get on the same page. Brady’s declining performance also has been cited internally, a source told ESPN.”

Now here’s a source that sounds legitimate.  A source that’s actually within the Patriots organization, and what does someone within the Patriots organization, an employee for Bill Belichick say?  Absolutely nothing, of course.  “Remain patient.”  Sounds like the Pats.  “We’re on to Cincinnati.”

“Brady has stated publicly he wants to play another four or five years, at least. Sources close to the quarterback told ESPN that remains true but acknowledge that his career may end with another franchise unless Patriots owner Robert Kraft intercedes.”

Here’s where you have to remember that Tom Brady is a player.  Granted, he’s by far the most important player in franchise history, but he’s not making the decisions.  The only way that any tension from Brady’s point of view, if this is all true and remains true into future offseasons, is if he rejects a contract restructuring or something like that. And just some tension over what has happened to the offense likely won’t change that Tom Brady still is a maniacal competitor who wants to win more than anything.

Sure, Brady might not finish his career here, and it’s true that the worse he plays, and the worse the rest of the offense plays, increases the chances of that frightening reality.  But this Chris Mortensen piece means nothing.  It isn’t a sign of impending doom.  It’s just noise.  And you know how the Patriots feel about that shit:

ignore the noise




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