Johnny Boychuk Gets Traded, Everything Sucks

“But the most important part of today is that Johnny Boychuk will be on the 2014-2015 Boston Bruins.”

That’s what I said in my post earlier this week when Reilly Smith and Torey Krug were signed to incredibly small contracts.  Not only do I feel like an idiot for saying that, but for the very title of the post: “Chiarelli bails out Bruins by screwing over Smith and Krug.”  Chiarelli didn’t bail himself out of anything, really, since he still made the move that we all thought he avoided.

I’m having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around this one.  This sucks.  The reigning Presidents’ Trophy winners just traded away their 2nd best defensemen on a team whose 4 thru 8 defensemen are weak defensively compared to their NHL counterparts (Krug, Miller, Bart, McQuaid, and Warsofsky).

Two second rounders are nice, but they’re not Johnny Boychuk.  I just can’t explain losing a very reliable, non injury prone defenseman who’s loved in the locker room and is good both offensively and defensively.  And even if he’s gonna leave next year, well, athletes tend to play well during their contract years.

This move makes me think that the Bruins aren’t going hard for it this year.  Chiarelli balked at the idea of trading other guys to resign Iginla, which makes sense, but they also didn’t try to buy out or trade guys like Kelly, Campbell, or McQuaid, whose contracts could have very easily been a sacrifcial lamb to help them this season.  He wants to contend every year, and that’s fair.  But it sucks as a fan, and it won’t make me support this move.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna post about what the Bruins could do at the trade deadline and what their outlook is going forward.  But for now… this.

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