State of the Pats: Week 4

Didn’t watch the all 22 this week because I had to do what was in the best interest of my team. Either way, some thoughts before tonight’s game:

-Siliga and Dennard being out hurts. The D-line depth could bite them in the ass at some point. I’m not worried about the defense though. Even Pat Chung had a good game in coverage last week. Hightower’s been the best player on the team so far this year except for Slater/Gostowski, and if he and Jones keep making big plays they might stay at #1, or at least near it for a while.

-The offense sucks. Greg Cosell said last week that the Patriots look like a “slow and unathletic offense.” That sounds about right. Cannon and Devey were a big part of that, and they’re getting replaced today by Connolly and Fleming. For as much as the pass protection’s gotten killed by the media, they were just as bad run blocking against Oakland. Their execution of any zone run, inside or outside, has been garbage all year. Cannon was a disaster inside and Devey is not an NFL player. Connolly will be fine at left guard, so that will be better. But Stork’s getting his first NFL start in Arrowhead in prime time, and Fleming didn’t play a snap of guard at Stanford. Hopefully stunts and blitzes are easier than rocket science.  Good thing is, offensive line can’t get worse than what it was. Probably. Solder needs to get his head out of his ass too. The Pats will win the division no matter what but they won’t win a game in January if this shit isn’t figured out.

In 2010, the Pats were facing the Steelers on the road on a Sunday night. They had just gotten blown out by the Browns. A bunch of people said the Pats were finally falling off. They wiped the floor and went 14-2.

In 2011, the Pats were 5-3 and playing the Jets on the road on a Sunday night. They signed Sterling Moore, a corner, off the street that week and started him at safety. A bunch of people said the Pats would finally fall off. They embarrassed the Jets and went to the Super Bowl.

In 2012, the Pats were 1-2 and down in the third quarter by 14 against the Bills. You know Mazz was licking his lips, ready to finally bury Belichick. They won 52-28 and went to the AFC Championship game. 

In 2013, the Pats lost a heart breaker on Monday night and had to play the Broncos the next Sunday night. They were down 24-0 at halftime. They won in OT and went to the AFC Championship even though half their team was on IR.

If this team didn’t have the flying elvis on their helmets and didn’t have Belichick on the sidelines, I’d be really worried. I’m not. Pats 34 Chiefs 17

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