Ray Rice Situation: Cover Ups Everywhere

Does anyone actually believe that the NFL didn’t have access to the tape of Ray Rice beating his wife in an elevator?  Does anyone buy into that?  I might believe it if it was, well, anyone but Roger Goodell and his asskissing puppets in the NFL office, but I can’t buy this bullshit.

The first thing that any league like this will do is get their hands on the elevator footage.  There’s no way that they’d do anything but.  Remember how much Goodell investigated the Saints bounty scandal, even though there really was no evidence to be found against the players?  You’re telling me that Goodell would dig for every (false) detail there he could find, but not get the footage actually inside the elevator?

The only way that the NFL didn’t have the footage is if they chose not to get it.  There’s no way that TMZ gets it but the NFL doesn’t unless they’re turning a blind eye, which might be even worse for a league office that takes the “personal conduct policy” so seriously.  Hey Roger, what kind of suspension would you give to a guy who purposefully didn’t do his basic due diligence in order to properly punish a brutal wifebeater?  That’s the kind of thing that should get you a season or two, right?

Tomorrow, I’m going to do a more in depth piece of how this entire situation represents greater problems in society.  There will also be more pieces written this week about the situation, because there’s a lot that we can learn from this monstrosity.  Maybe most important to learn is that anyone who still takes the NFL’s penal system seriously is as blind as the NFL claims to be about the elevator videotape.

One response

  1. Where were the police, when you drag an unconscious woman from an elevator!!! In a CASINO!! That have cameras everywhere.

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