Tom Brady Is on a Tear with Quotes

Yesterday, Brady dropped this:
“When I suck, I’ll retire. But I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.”

Today, he dropped this gem:
As a friend, you always hope the best, but it’s not friend time, this is opponent time. My focus is on the Dolphins.”

The first one especially is gold.  For all the (legitimate) talk about how Brady doesn’t say very much to the media, when he does, he’s as direct as you’d like.  One of my favorite TB12 quotes was after the 2011 AFC Championship Game against the Ravens (The Billy Cundiff game), when Brady simply and correctly said, “I sucked.

I should not be reading into this way too much, but I’m obviously going too.  I’m just too jacked for football and the Patriots 2014 season to not think of these quotes as a great sign for this season.  4 days until Sunday.

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