Should We Care About the Redskins Destroying the Pats in Preseason?


bill belichick no

Seriously, anyone who thinks that it matters is an idiot.

Here are the past 4 preseason and regular season results for the Pats.

2010: 2-2, 14-2
2011: 2-2, 13-3
2012: 1-3, 12-4
2013: 3-1, 12-4

A ton of rhyme and reason to that, right?

And no, I’m not being inconsistent.  The Pats could win all 4 preseason games by 50 each and this is how ecstatic I’d be:

bill belichick let's party


PS: If you want a great take on what happens when a team takes itself too seriously in the preseason, read Jerry Thornton’s piece from Barstool Sports when the Lions killed the Pats 40-9 last year.

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