Thanks To Jon Lester Jonny Gomes, and John Lackey

Jon Lester recently took out this ad in the Boston Globe (also shown below), so I felt it was only fair to give Lester and Jonny Gomes a proper send off.  No analysis except some numbers, just photos and highlights.

jon lester full page adjon lester full page ad jon lester full page ad globe

Jon Lester’s no hitter, May 19, 2008:

Lester’s 2011 highlights set to a questionable soundtrack, in my opinion.

Lester’s World Series Game 5 masterpiece:

Lester’s Postseason numbers in total… God those are amazing:

And let’s not forget, this dude beat cancer.  He came back in June 2007, only to win the deciding game of the 2007 World Series:


And for Jonny Gomes:

Gomes’ huge home run in Game 4 of the World Series — Listen to how loud he yells at home plate:

And of course, Gomes at the Boston Marathon Finish Line last fall:


And for John Lackey, his 2013 postseason was the perfect response for all the questions Red Sox fans had about him, as you can tell by the sendoff he receives when leaving Game 6 of the World Series:

And remember how, just before that sendoff, he convinced John Farrell to keep him in the game?


Thanks to all these guys. We’ll miss all of you and the combined 4 rings you brought the Red Sox.

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