Team USA Scenarios Today

If you aren’t jacked, there’s something wrong with you.  Team USA plays today for a chance to escape the Group of Death, which no one expected.  Right before the game starts, lemme just post the scenarios.

If Team USA wins, they get 1st in the group, and Germany will likely get 2nd.

If Team USA ties, they get 2nd in the group, and Germany gets 1st.

If Team USA loses, it comes down to goal differential.  We are 2 goals ahead of Ghana, so if we lose by 1 and they win by 1, we’ll both have 4 points. Then, it’ll come down to goals scored.  We have scored 4, and Ghana has scored 4.  If that’s also tied, then it comes down to head to head, and we’d beat Ghana.

We are up on Portugal by 5 goals, so if they win and we lose it’d still take a monumental defeat on our end and Ghana’s for us to not make it out of the group.

If Portugal and Ghana tie, we’re automatically in.

Basically, we want to root for a tie, but it would be almost as good if Portugal wins, which is why Ghana sending some of its players home was a blessing in disguise.

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