Spurs Are a Model Organization

The Spurs have just captured their 5th championship in 16 years, which is pretty good.  They’re officially the Patriots of the NBA, but it might be more fair to call the Patriots the Spurs of the NFL.  The Pats need 1 more with Brady and Belichick to reach that point, but whatever.  The point is the Spurs are amazing, and Peter Holt, the owner, said it best when he said that his secret to being a winning owner was simply RC Buford, Gregg Popovich, and the players.

Adam Silver said that Buford and Pop might be the best GM/Coach combo in the game today, but he should have said that they’re arguably the best ever.  They only get players who buy in no matter what, and they don’t waste their time with anyone who doesn’t.  Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Tiago Splitter, Boris Diaw and even guys like Dejuan Blair, Gary Neal, and Brent Barry from a few years ago are good examples.  Bruce Bowen is the ultimate example, in case you’re wondering.  Buford and Pop know what they want, and they get it.  Sorry for making this sound like an annoying talking head trying to beat a point into the ground, but it’s true.

Speaking of Kawhi Leonard, how awesome is it that Kawhi Leonard is a Finals MVP??  Only on the Spurs.  I don’t see there being another franchise who could pull that one off.  We all thought it was interesting when Tony Parker got Finals MVP in 2007, but that was nothing compared to Leonard.  A guy who isn’t even considered in the Spurs’ Big 3, who all the fuss was over repeatedly, gets Finals MVP because he buys into a system that is tailored to each guy in order to maximize their strengths.

Gregg Popovich is amazing.  He might actually be the best coach of all time, and I think he’s second behind only Red Auerbach.  Phil Jackson won in part because he went where the players went.  He is a tremendous coach, but he didn’t have to, or just didn’t in general, bring out each player’s abilities as well as Pop.  Popovich is a legend, and deserves to be recognized as such even if he doesn’t like getting recognized for anything.

And Tim Duncan has nothing left to accomplish in his NBA career.  He’s also a legend.  I’d say more about him, but I feel like words can’t do him justice.  I just hope that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, as well as Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich, are often mentioned together once they all retire.

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