World Cup Starts Today

I’m not a huge club soccer fan.  The New England Revolution? Who cares.  It might not be smart for a guy with a website entitled “Get The Duckboats Ready” to admit that he doesn’t care that much about a Boston sports team, but I just can’t go it.  I’ve tried to get a little bit into European soccer, and I’m a little bit of a fan of FC Barca, but even that isn’t that big.  I’d trade a Barcelona La Liga for even a 1% greater increased chance for Kevin Love at this point.

But international soccer?  Holy shit is it awesome.  If you don’t like the atmosphere that surrounds the World Cup, you don’t have a pulse.  I haven’t posted on it much before, but that’s going to change for the next month.

I’ll be doing a preview of the United States over the weekend, as our first game is Monday.  But for today, let’s just go over a few basic predictions.  I’ll post who I think will advance, and who will win in each round.

A: Brazil, Mexico
B: Spain (Upset city right here), Netherlands
C: Ivory Coast (Their flag’s colors are the same as Ireland’s, Ireland’s not in the tourney, and I’m Irish), Colombia
D: England, Costa Rica (Ok, this one’s actually an upset)
E: Switzerland, France
F: Argentina, Nigeria
G: United States, Ghana (Kidding). Portugal, Germany
H: Belgium, Russia

Second Round Winners:

Brazil over Netherlands
Spain over Mexico
Ivory Coast over Costa RicaEngland over Colombia
Switzerland over Nigeria
Argentina over France
Germany over Belgium
France over Russia

Quarterfinals Winners:

Brazil over Ivory Coast (The riots in Brazil would be downright insane if they lost this one)
Spain over England
Germany over Switzerland
Argentina over Portugal (This will be the game of the tournament)

Semifinals Winners:

Brazil over Germany
Argentina over Spain (Lionel Messi becomes the most hated man ever in the history of Madrid)


Argentina over Brazil.  Brazil riots uncontrollably, Messi is the MVP of the World Cup, and he gets approximately 17 million bounties placed on his head.

Happy World Cup, everyone. Brazil vs. Croatia today at 4 pm.

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