Spurs Shoot the Lights Out, Win Game 3

The Spurs shot right around 60% tonight. Also, 45% from 3 point land.

I was gonna just post that and call it the end of the blog, but then I realized that the Heat also shot over 50% from the floor and 50% from 3 point range.  Not so fast, I guess.  Both teams went nuts tonight from the field, making it harder to say that the Spurs ran away with the game just because of shooting.  It’s important to note, of course, that it’s hard to lose a game when you make 6 of 10 shots, but let’s look for other reasons that the Spurs took a 2-1 series lead.

The easy answer is Kawhi Leonard. Only one team had him tonight, and that was the team in black.  Leonard outplayed everyone, including the best in the game.  But there are a few other reasons.  For one, the Heat had 20 turnovers to the Spurs’ 12.  Also, the Heat had 4 players in double figures, while the Spurs had 6.  That’s gonna make a little bit of a difference.

Only LBJ and the cup checker (Dwyane Wade) had more than 14 tonight, and they each had 22, which isn’t going to carry the Heat.  That’s the difference between the Heat and Spurs: The Spurs have better depth, coaching, and skill after each team’s best player.  The Heat have LeBron.

In other words, the series is playing out as we expected.  If LeBron carries the Heat, they win.  If he is human, the Spurs win.  Tonight, he was human, and the Spurs’ shooting percentage wasn’t.  Sounds like a 20 point San Antonio win to me.

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