Heat Even Series Because LeBron is LeBron

Let’s just jump right in. LeBron’s stat line tonight: 38 minutes, 35 points (decent ratio), 10 reb, 3 ast, 14-22 FG, 4-5 FT (Not getting to the line might have been his only weakness tonight, if you can call that a weakness), 3-3 3FG.

I don’t know how much analysis is necessary for LeBron being a beast, so here are a few quick bulletpoints that should highlight the game.

  • Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh played well, but if you look at their stat lines, you can see that there’s no real “Big 3.”  There’s LeBron and then 2 guys that can hopefully step up when needed.  But they’re not superstars anymore, assuming Bosh ever was.
  • For all the talk of the Heat’s lack of depth, especially on the bench, and although that sentiment is generally true, the Heat might not have a chance in the series without Chris Andersen and Ray Allen.  Playing big minutes and doing the jobs that they’re supposed to.
  • The Spurs haven’t been good in the late seconds of Finals games against the Heat, which is shocking for a Gregg Popovich/Tim Duncan team.  They couldn’t pull out Game 6 or 7 last year, and now Game 2 this year.
  • Mario Chalmers is a tool.
  • Everybody on the Spurs besides their Big 3 sucked tonight.  Well, Danny Green was ok, but didn’t have a huge impact.  The Spurs would’ve won if anyone on the Spurs bench played even close to the Heat’s 4 through 7 players.
  • The Spurs are still the better team.  The Heat have the best player, which is why they have a chance despite being the rightful underdogs.
  • In other words, the series is exactly how we thought it’d be.

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