David Ortiz Remains Insane

There’s a reason that Senor Octubre is my favorite athlete ever.  There was this last April.  There was all of 2004.  There were also all of these hits, which I’ve posted on this site probably 4 times already.

With all of that, it would probably be enough to make him my favorite athlete already.  But there’s just this one other thing: The complete and utter swag with Ortiz, but that kind of swag that actually breeds results and isn’t just an add-on.  If you don’t know, Ortiz hit a 3 run bomb (it was a BOMB) tonight in the Top 9th with 1 out and with the Sox down 1.  Everyone in the ballpark knew that Ortiz was waiting on a hanging slider from Joba Chamberlain, and Joba was dumb enough to give it to him.  Then Ortiz hit it out of Comerica Park and probably into Eminem’s backyard.  The same way that everyone and their mother knew that Ortiz was trying to take Joaquin Benoit deep last year, and he still hit it into the right field bullpen in what might be the ballpark with the deepest right field in the game. (Should I fact check that one? Nope, it’s Ortiz.)

By far the best clutch hitter I’ve ever seen.  Like it was ever a debate.

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