LeBron Is the Only Thing on People’s Minds Now

Two talking head debates have been taking over the non World Cup sports world the past two days, and they both revolve around LeBron.  You’ve probably heard about his cramps kicking in (Cue the 5,000,000th guy making a “menstrual cramps” joke and thinking that he originally though of it), and about how LeBron James’ only physical kryptonite is the heat.  He just cramps up, and sometimes completely spasms up, which is somewhat insane for a guy that we all view as a robot.

For this issue, there’s no logical reason to believe that this is a part of James being “soft,” partly because he’s never been soft.  LeBron routinely tries to drink enough fluids to deal with his one weakness, especially in the playoffs, but it’s not like there are many people on the planet who could play a war of an NBA finals game for 40+ minutes, especially with the temperature about 90 degrees.  Sure, others in the NBA can, and LeBron can’t, so there’s no denying it’s a weakness.  But let’s not call him a pussy just because there’s one minor physical trait that LeBron can’t handle quite as well as his peers.  He’s still a physical freak.

The second LeBron story involves his recent comments, “I know I’m the easiest target that we have in sports, I’m aware of it.”  Some people are also trying to use this story as a way of smearing LeBron, simply because they’ll do anything to smear him for any reason whatsoever (Felger and Mazz, anyone?).

The thing is, LeBron isn’t wrong.  More importantly, he isn’t wrong for saying it.  Even if you disagree with him (Not to be funny, but I honestly think that Donald Sterling is the easiest person to take shots at right now), it isn’t a problem if LeBron thinks he’s the easiest target.  Who cares?  LBJ and others are asked to give their opinions to the media all the time, and when they don’t, they get called out for being scared.  When they do tell Michael Wilbon that they’re the easiest target in the league, they get called out for not keeping their mouths shut.  It shouldn’t mean anything what a guy like LeBron thinks, especially if the fans are saying that he should stop talking and leave the power rankings to the fans and media.  If LeBron’s opinion on the issue doesn’t matter, why listen?

As for the truth in his statement, I’d agree with it.  He’s the easiest superstar to take shots at, for a variety of reasons.  Listing out all of those reasons would be a column in and of itself, but the main thing is that every person seems to latch onto one thing they don’t like about LeBron and then use that to judge him.  Why does that happen?  Well, it’s what happens when you’re the best in the world at your craft.  It’s not right, but heavy lies the crown.

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