I am NOT Overthinking this Kevin Love Thing

If you haven’t read this today, get out from under your rock and read it.

That’s right, Kevin Love went to Boston to take in the atmosphere, which is awesome, because any Bostonian will tell you that the best part about our city is the atmosphere itself.  No place like it.  Love wanted to experience the city, and he did.  It seems like he has the appreciation for the city and the Celtics’ history to resign here after getting (hopefully) traded, and that’s a huge step.

The other thing that he wants though? Winning.  And I think the Celtics will be able to provide that soon as long as he’s in the fold… but I’m not sure.  I’m going to have a more serious post about the Celtics’ love prospects coming soon, but let me just say this: The C’s have about $14ish million in cap space before getting Love, and they’d still have some leftover after he would be traded, even if they didn’t match the Timberwolves in salary going back and they also kept Rondo (although Bradley’s new deal will eat into that).  Love, Rondo, some decent free agent signing, and some other trade that Danny can pull?  That’s not a winner in the first year, but it’s on the right path for a winner the following year, especially if Jeff Green either doesn’t pick up his option next summer, or he actually plays like Spring 2013 Jeff Green and not any other Jeff Green we’ve seen.

The point is, Kevin Love was in Boston.  He needs to be here.  Danny knows that championship teams are built with a Top 50 player at the center of the team, and that’s why he’ll trade anything for Love… which he should.

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