Sox Have Now Won 5 in a Row

After a terrible 10 game losing streak, the Sox have recovered for half of that.

Well, I can’t really say they’ve halfway made up for it, since we’re not just expecting them to go .500.  Also, they’ve won 2 games by a run, a game by two runs, one by three, and one by four.  That’s ok, but it’s not exactly the kind of run differential that you would hope in a winning streak on a per game basis.  Then again, run differential doesn’t matter much on the basis in 5 games, so I’ll shut up.

But I still only feel confident with Lester and Lackey, which isn’t a good sign.  Things are still gonna have to change fast, especially with a ton of position players on the DL for like the 5th year in a row.  They’re still gonna need David Ortiz to go apeshit at 38, Pedroia to be Pedroia, and Xander Bogaerts to grow up fast.  They’ll still need the Brock Holts of the world to play above themselves, and then they’ll need the injured guys to perform when they come back.  And the pitchers need to improve.  So the Sox are still looking at an uphill battle.

Post on the fight last night is coming.

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