Never Forget: McDonagh for Gomez

Yes, I know that the Habs won tonight on Alex Galchenyuk’s goal, killing our hopes of a Rangers sweep.  But it’s becoming more clear day after day that Ryan McDonagh is a stud, and anyone who watched 5 minutes during the Olympics should know that.

It’s always nice to remember that the Rangers traded Scott Gomez to the Canadiens for Ryan McDonagh in 2009.

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Still can’t believe that one.  Just imagine how lopsided this series would be if McDonagh was on the Habs.  Sure, the two teams would have made some different moves, but it’s not too far off to just put him on the Frenchies.  They’d have Subban and McDonah first pairing, the Russians (Markov and Emelin) as their possible 2nd pairing, and then Georges and Boullion, Weaver, or Murray fitting in somewhere, with Boullion maybe taking a 2nd pairing spot from one Putin’s fuck buddies.  Then, there’d be no controversy over whether Douglas Murray, the worst defenseman in the league, would play at all.  And the Habs would have McDonagh and Subban going forward in front of Carey Price, which might be the scariest young goal-preventing trio in the league outside of Dougie Hamilton, Torey Krug, and David Warsofsky.

The Rangers’ defense wouldn’t be able to hold the jock of the Habs in this series if they hadn’t made that trade.  Now, again, if they trade wasn’t made, some of the moves thereafter wouldn’t have happened.  That’s fine, but let’s just look at that trade and remember why the Rangers are up 2-1 in this series, even after Galchenyuk’s goal.

On another note, you know what the only good part to Alex Galchenyuk scoring in OT tonight is?  The Americans are killing it in this series.  Stepan is playing well, Kreider is playing great even if he wasn’t taking out the Habs’ best player, and McDonagh is obviously a boss.  Ryan Callahan is also playi… oh wait.  And while I do hate that Max Pacioretty is American, at least we can say that the American is doing all right this series.

But yeah, Ryan McDonagh is a beast.  And Scott Gomez sucks now.  Nuff said.

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