Draft Lottery… smh

The Celtics are still strapped up with draft picks, and Adrian Wojnarowski doesn’t pull stuff out of his ass, so maybe Kevin Love will come here. That’s the only positive thing I can say after last night.

Gordon, Randle, Smart, Vonleh or someone else could be good, and they’ll probably become the best asset Ainge has when he drafts one of them. Thing is though, one of those second tier guys might not even be there at six. That’s what we’re dealing with.

Ainge doesn’t know what he’s gonna do yet and said he’s looking at everything, but here are some directions the Celtics can go from here — if the options present themselves, as Danny likes to harp on. Need two to tango, etc.

-Trade Rondo and suck as much as Stevens will let them next year. Rondo’s deal is up after next year, and although Ainge talked up Rondo to the Boston Herald for the 218th time last weekend, he could plateau or get worse going forward. If he actually does improve at 28, who fucking cares? Best case, Sully drops 40 lbs and Olynyk is better and draft picks hit and Stevens backs them into a 7 seed. Wonderful. Then maybe Danny can sell high on some dudes and deal the Nets/Clippers picks and get a star for Rondo. Then are you gonna max out Rondo and the other star? And is that even good enough? Without that star too, why would Rondo want to sign here except for the extra $$, but again, would you max out a 29 year old point guard who still can’t shoot free throws? And this is all assuming that he comes back from an ACL tear at full health, and I hear that’s kind of a bad injury.

Last, last, last thing I want to do next year is get hyped for another lottery, but that might happen anyway, so if a good Rondo deal comes around I hope the Mormon In Charge pulls trig. Talk to me next week and it might be different but that’s probably the best (realistic) way to go at this point.

-Somehow trade for Kevin Love and get him to stay. Obviously. Give up Rondo if you have to, That wouldn’t make sense for Love but you know what I’m saying.

-Trade down. Everyone knows that Danny claims he doesn’t think this draft is as good as everyone said and he even said last night that he doesn’t think they’re gonna get a starter for next year at 6. He also said last night that he thinks this is a deep draft, so they could trade down. Pheonix, run by Ainge’s former assistant GM Ryan McDonough, has the 14, 18, and 27 picks, so there could be dance partner there. (This would have to be a really appropriate and clean type of dance, because, again, the Mormon thing.) If that happens, they could move down and get McDermott, which would precede my suicide.

-Pick a dude at 6 and 17 and rock with the extra draft picks/young guys/Rondo’s expiring contract mix into the season until Danny finds a good place to shoot his load. Meh.

Also want to say that if Vonleh/Gordon are there at 6 (assuming Exum is gone), Danny better stick to best guy available like he says he will, because Sully’s fat ass and Olynyk’s T-Rex arms shouldn’t be locked into to any long term plans. I like Sully’s game more than most but he’s not that special.

The AL East sucking is the only thing that is getting me out of bed at this point.  And Darelle Revis’ smile.

Useful link: http://www.draftexpress.com/videos/Scouting/

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