Donald Sterling Might Sue… Breaking: He’s a Terrible Person

So usually when you write one of those “Let’s get our minds of the Bruins” blogs, you try to write about something else.  But some stuff is just serious, and we gotta mention it in this case.

Because he’s oblivious, but more just because he’s an asshole, Donald Sterling is reportedly refusing to pay the $2.5 million fine that Adam Silver delivered, and he might sue.  That’s right, Sterling is going to drag out this process as long as he can, and he’s going to force everyone to watch his old, wrinkly ass fight tooth and nail to keep a team that he hasn’t deserved for some time.

I’ve already linked to this before on this site, but it always bears noting.  Read Donald Sterling’s Wikipedia page.  And then get some sappy video on YouTube ready, or stare at the World War II kiss photo for 5 minutes, because you’ll need to restore your faith in humanity.

This is why we can’t keep saying that Donald Sterling is getting kicked out of the league “for racist comments.”  No, that’s too nice.  He’s getting kicked out of the league because he’s a horrible person who finally showed his true colors in a way that allowed the NBA to get rid of him.  Comments are one thing.  The terrible attitudes that are behind them are another.

I hope Sterling gets his ass kicked in court the way that Chris Paul and Doc Rivers would kick his ass if no one was watching.

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