Playoff Hockey Blows

30-18. That was the shot differential in the Bruins’ favor.

4763. That’s the number of posts the Bruins hit in the series.

The B’s were the better team, but the reason that we love playoff hockey is that the better team doesn’t always win. Sucks when it happens to your team, and it’s not like I’m trying to find any consolation.

Good job to Subban, Price, and the Habs. They weren’t too ratty this series, and they did step up to the plate when the Bruins didn’t, which we do have to remember even if the refs had probably the worst game I’ve seen all season.  The Habs were on their A game enough in the series to knock off a Presidents’ Trophy like the Bruins. I’ll hate their fanbase forever, which has probably already killed 6 people while rioting, but there are a lot of individuals that I have to respect on the team, especially now that Maxim Lapierre is gone from the Habs. And I do have to respect the team’s grit, which no one in Boston ever says about the Canadiens. But now, it’s actually true.

I don’t have either a pissed off or optimistic, sad attempt at a funny joke to close this blog out.  Playoff hockey just sucks every once in awhile.

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