Bruins down 1-0 After 1 In Game 7

So I haven’t been able to post the past few days because, as J. Cole says, “Life is yo professah, know that bitch is gonna test yah,” but here I am.

The B’s are down 1-0 after 1 to the dreaded Montreal Canadiens, and I think that Boston may riot Montreal style if they lose this game.  The first period was terrible.

But there’s some good news.  As bad as the first period was, it’s actually good that they’re only down 1-0.  The refs were acting like the game was in Montreal, calling terrible penalties on the Bruins, and the linesmen were so bad that Pierre McGuire called them out only halfway through the first.  The B’s made tons of mistakes in the first 17 minutes, and they should be glad that they’re only down 1.

After all, they did outshoot the Habs 9-6 despite playing terribly and having 4 PIM to the Habs’ 0.  The final 3 minutes of the period were great for the Bruins, and that is hopefully a good sign going forward.

I could take enough Ambien to kill a rhinosorous right now, and I wouldn’t fall asleep.  This game is going to give us a heart attack, so prepare yourself, everybody.

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