Bruins Win Overtime Thriller, Matt Fraser Has the Night of His Life

What a series this is shaping up to be.  Of the 4 games, 3 have been incredibly exciting just because of how close they were, and Game 3 was no slouch, either.

The Bruins ended Montreal with a split on the road, and they go back to Boston tied 2-2 in the series after the game ended 1:19 into overtime – on a goal by MATT FRASER.  The guy who nervously told Pierre McGuire after the game that he got the call to come to Boston when he was eating only frozen yogurt at lunch yesterday.

Fraser’s goal was the perfect culmination of how well the 3rd line played all night, as they were complete beasts.  I have to admit that I was wrong wanting them to keep Daniel Paille on the 3rd line and just saying “screw it” with the 4th, because Fraser played well on the 3rd and Paille did restore something to the newly-reformed Merlot Line.

Extraskater’s individual stats haven’t posted online yet, and I’ll update this when they will, but I would guess that Soderberg, Fraser, and Eriksson all had corsi percentages of at least 70%.  That was the case at the end of the 2nd period, and after their good 3rd period and single amazing overtime shift.  All three cycled well in the offensive zone, and Soderberg and Fraser chased down a puck that took a great bounce off the glass from a Johnny Boychuk shot.  Soderberg got the puck to the edge of the crease, and Fraser got to it before Carey Price could cover it.  You can see the play here by clicking on the arrow next to goal listing.

Tuukka Rask was the 1st star, Carey Price was the 2nd, and Fraser got the 3rd.  That’s absolutely fair, as both goalies were great tonight and deserved such recognition.  Tuukka got back on track, showing that he’s the best in the world when he’s on.  When he’s not, Carey Price just might be the best in the league, and he showed why he’s that close to Tuukka tonight.  Rask had to make harder saves, and he did outplay the Habs netminder.  But both played as well as they’re capable of, and saved their teams multiple times.

Remember what happened last time the Bruins won a Game 4 thriller in Montreal?  That season ended kind of nicely.


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