That Game Sucked.

Don’t the Bruins know that Bostonians already have high blood pressure?  I swear, the 2014 Bruins are trying to make everyone in New England break at least their remotes, and maybe their hands, in frustration over the team.  For the 3rd straight game against the evil Frenchies, they had 6000 chances to score, and most of them were bunched together.  As Eddie Olczyk correctly noted, the B’s had tons of odd man rushes in the middle of the second period when they were down 2-0.  The only thing that came out of any of these opportunities was a review from the officials on a goal that even Jack Edwards would admit was not going to be called a goal by the situation room in Toronto.

In the first period, the Habs smoked the B’s.  The shots were only 10-9 in favor of Les Habs, but it was a pretty good demonstration why I have my doubts about the idea that shot quality doesn’t matter much.  The 1st line, which looked deader than a cremated corpse in the opening period, as well as Torey Krug and Kevan Miller, played horrendous defense and practically gave Tomas Plekanec a goal.  After a pretty good power play, Dougie Hamilton then forgot that PK Subban was coming out of the box, and might just want to skate towards Tuukka Rask.  Subban had a breakaway, and crossed up Tuukka Rask as bad as an And 1 streetballer would cross up Tuukka Rask.  And the B’s then gave up another breakaway to DALE FREAKING WEISE, which came after all those odd man rushes that weren’t converted.

The B’s clawed back, and nobody would even pretend to claim that they were the worse team in the final two periods.  And yes, technically, because of Bergeron’s amazing (seriously, amazing) tip-in goal and Iginla’s late goal from Meszaros, the Bruins have scored 2 goals to get back in the game in all 3 of the games this series.  But that isn’t always gonna work, and the B’s couldn’t climb out of the huge hole that they’d dug for themselves.

This game might actually cause some concern possession-wise for Bruins fans, because they were out corsied at 5 on 5 close by having only 44.8% of the corsi events.  Again, that can be explained by the first period.  The Bruins did tonight what has been a weakness of Claude Julien’s Bruins teams: They fall asleep.  Horrible defense on the Plekanec goal, forgetting that PK Subban was coming out of the box, and then then making a similar mistake to give up a breakaway to Dale Weise.  Ridiculous.

We all thought that the only way the Bruins would lose the series is if they were not disciplined.  Well, they only took one penalty tonight, and they haven’t let the Habs get under their skin.  But they’re gotta find the happy medium between only turning on their switch at certain times and just playing out of control.  Otherwise, they won’t advance past the Eastern Conference Semis, which would be a huge disappointment for this team in this Eastern Conference.

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