Dougie Hamilton is Already a Beast

Quick: Which Bruins defenseman has a corsi of 56.7% and a corsirel of +5.1% despite a 43.8% offensive zone start rate?  Fine, you’re kind of an idiot if you couldn’t figure out from the title that it’s Dougie Hamilton, but the point is that our 20 year old defenseman is already a huge contributor for the Bruins in the 2014 playoffs.

I haven’t mentioned Dougie’s 2 goals and 4 assists in 7 games, which will be the first things that you notice.  He’s also doing this on just an 11.8% shooting percentage, which is pretty impressive.  You wouldn’t expect him to have those couple goals without a ridiculously high shooting percentage, but that’s because it speaks to something even better, one that I’ve probably beaten into the ground on Twitter already during these past 7 games: Dougie’s shots almost always get through to the net.  They never get blocked before the faceoff dots, which is really impressive in today’s NHL.  When Hamilton scored yesterday, the Bruins were on a streak of having 473 shots blocked from the point (all numbers approximate).  Then, Dougie changed the angle on his shot to get it past the shot blocker, and picked top glove.  All around amazing play, and it got them back in the game.

Sure, he’s Zdeno Chara’s defensive pairmate, and Z could make me look competent.  But those numbers speak for themselves, and they’re damn impressive.  A corsirel of over 5% when you play for a team that’s already really good and when you have less than 45% OZS is really impressive, even if some cyborg combination of Ray Bourque and Bobby Orr is your pairmate.  For the first time, I can say that I’m comfortable with Dougie Hamilton as the Bruins’ 3rd best defenseman.  Best Dman in the game, solid-to-good no. 2 man, solid-to-good no. 3 man, great offensive threat as the no. 4 man, and a bottom pair that isn’t great by any means but can at least hold its own (usually).  I’m cool with that.

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