Have a Nice Flight Back to Quebec, Habs!

The Bruins were about to go down 2-0 to the hated Canadiens after a horrendous 2nd period and pretty bad start to the 3rd.  And then, they finally beat Carey Price, and they then did it again… and again.  Dougie Hamilton, the only Bruins defenseman who could get his shots from the point through to the net today, started the scoring at 10:56.  Saint Patrice Bergeron scored on a ridiculous goal, and we still have no idea how it went in.  It might have hit Francis Boullion’s stick, it might have hit a weird spot in the ice.  Either way, it beat Carey Price tip shelf.

Then, Torey Krug made a great pass to Reilly Smith in front of the ice, and Smith buried it.  At the time, there was apparently a “Let’s Go Bruins” chant at Fenway, and Boston was euphoric.  Milan Lucic capped off the game perfectly, with an empty net goal that he followed up by pounding his fist on the Spoked B on his jersey again.

To say that Game 2 was a great game is an understatement.  Whenever Dafoomie uploads his highlights of this game on YouTube, it should be one of every Bruins fan’s favorite videos.  Huge comeback, and now they don’t have to go to Montreal down 2.

What’s even more important for the series going forward are the possession numbers.  The Bruins had 60.5% of the Fenwick events at 5 on 5 with a close score, which is a spanking.

The bad news going forward is that the Canadiens seem to have the same advantage on special teams as they did in 2011.  They drew 6 penalties, one of which was a blatant dive from Emelin that made every Bostonian’s blood boil, and they scored twice.  The B’s went 0 for 3.  That’s a problem going forward, but it should even out at least a little bit.  Boston really does need to stay out of the box, though.

Moving Paille to the 3rd line proved to be a great move, as he scored the first goal and the line looked better in general.  Caron did ok on the 4th line, but they simply cannot be relied upon.  And Meszaros played fine with Bartkowski’s healthy scratch.

Onto Quebec.  The Bruins haven’t lost a Game 3 in the playoffs since the 2nd round of 2009, and they haven’t lost one in regulation since 2004.  Bring your ‘A’ game, Montreal.

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