Bruins-Habs Second Round Preview

The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens are facing off in the playoffs for a record 34th time, and it’s gonna be awesome.  That much we know, but it’s hard to think of how the series will play out.  Under Claude Julien, the B’s have lost in 7 in 2008, won in 4 in 2009, and won in the epic 7 game battle in 2011 (God that was awesome).  In my view, this series isn’t gonna be like any of them.  The B’s will win a short, hard fought series in 5.  Basically, it’ll look the same as the win over the Red Wings.

The B’s are just that much better in terms of possession.  Boston was 4th in FF% Close, while Montreal was 22nd.  That kind of matters.  And throw in the goaltending advantage, and the Bruins are just a better team.  Yes, Carey Price is the Canadian Olympic Winner and everything, but Tuukka is the best on the planet.  Nuff said.

This preview is really short, especially for a Bruins-Canadiens series.  But that’s because we can’t break it down too much in terms of stats or high level analysis.  This series is the kind where the old fashioned narratives are actually correct.  If the Frenchies get under the Bruins’ skin, the B’s will lose if they don’t play their game.  If they stay on point, they’ll win, and probably in a short series.  That’s really what it comes down to.  And I think the Bruins keep their heads screwed on straight, and they’ll in in 5.

Fuck the Habs.

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