Get Donald Sterling Out of the NBA

Donald Sterling is in trouble yet again for being a worthless asshole, and this one might be the final straw (at long last).  Sterling reportedly made incredibly racial remarks to his girlfriend, saying that he has a problem with her showing people that she’s associated with black people.

I believe in being innocent until proven guilty… almost always.  Usually, I’d say that Magic Johnson probably shouldn’t tweet what he did, which included saying that he’ll never attend a Clips game until Sterling is gone and that Sterling is a black eye on the NBA.  Usually, I’d hope that there was something false about this recording, and I’d wait until the investigation was finished in order to make a judgment.

But not with Donald Sterling.  Not when his Wikipedia page will make you wonder how a guy so terrible could have such a prominent role in society in 2014.  I’m willing to bet that the audio of him saying that his girlfriend shouldn’t associate with black people is incriminating enough.

And this has to be the final straw.  I’m not naive — I do realize that it’s incredibly hard for anyone to take a possession that’s worth more than hundreds of millions away from anyone in society.  But the NBA, and Adam Silver specifically, has to make sure that Sterling is gone.  This will be Silver’s first test as Commissioner, and I hope that the NBA can use a “betterment of the league as a whole” clause or whatever in order to get Donald Sterling out of the NBA.

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