Every Bruins Fan Needs to Watch this Video at a Specific Moment

At the end of the Bruins-Red Wings game from last night, on Jarome Iginla’s OT goal, just listen to the crowd, the players, and Doc Emrick here.

(It’s at about 4:05 in the video. I tried using Dafoomie’s highlights on YouTube, which every Bruins fan should see after every playoff win, but NESN didn’t pick up the sound as well as NBCSN did last night.)


You hear that?  Most of the crowd goes absolutely silent, but then there are a few who get louder than ever.  You can actually hear the Bruins yelping from the bench, and we get a Doc Emrick “…SCORE!!!” to cap it off.

The atmosphere in playoff hockey is the most important reason why it’s so amazing, and sometimes it’s the nanoseconds like that which make or break the atmosphere.

Reminds me of the exact moment that Brad Marchand scored in Game 6 of the 2011 SCF.  (Around 1:10 of the video below.)  Listen to the crowd.  Just gets louder than I’ve ever heard the Garden, and, because I was there, I can confirm that it was louder than I’ve ever heard the building.

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