Bruins End the Red Wings’ Season; On to the Habs

First of all, Tuukka Rask is sensational.  Just an absolutely amazing goalie to watch.  Because the idea of jinxes is stupid, I have no problem saying that we might remember this postseason from Tuukka the same way we remember Timmy’s 2011 playoff run.  But what’s even more amazing about Tuukka than Timmy is that Tuukka makes everything look easy.  Thomas would sometimes bail himself out for being out of position, while #SaveByRask rarely has to do that.  Just makes everything look easy, and then we always say after, “Of course he made that save.”

The B’s didn’t dominate this game, but they did play better.  More specifically, the Bruins’ special teams look to be in full beast mode this postseason, with 6 goals with the man advantage.  In a 5 game series.  Last time I checked, I think that’s pretty good.  When you play better and have the best goalie in the league, your chances of winning are pretty good, and I don’t even care how much my analysis right there sounded like John Madden trying to talk hockey.

The Bruins are the best team in the league, and they should keep showing that against the Bitch French Pussies from Quebec.  The only way the Habs will win is by annoying the Bruins enough to get them off their game, which, unfortunately, they’re quite good at.  But I think the 2014 Bruins will keep their heads on straight.  Bruins in 5.  Bring on the Canadiens.

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